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High blood pressure - hypertension

With the hypertension (hyper=über, tonus=Druck) the durable rise of the blood pressure about the norm is called. The high blood pressure belongs to the civilisation illnesses of our affluent society and is one of the most frequent illnesses.


The blood pressure consists of two values, systolischen and the diastolischen blood pressure value. The systolische value always becomes in first, the diastolische value always, secondly, given.
Systole: If the heart pumps by moving together the blood into the body, the body artery (aorta) extends and the pressure in her rises on a maximum. This highest pressure is the systolische blood pressure value.

Diastole: After this phase of the Zusammenziehens of the heart, the relaxation of the heart muscle occurs, the pressure falls down on the lowest state, this value is the diastolische blood pressure value.

Division blood pressure systolisch (mmHg)

Optimally under 120
Normally 120-129
Highly normally 130-139
Light hypertension 140-159
Moderately severe hypertension 160-179
Strong hypertension more than 180
If systolische hypertension isolated more than 140

Division blood pressure diastolisch (mmHg)

Optimally under 80
Normally 80-84
Highly normally 85-89
Light hypertension 90-99
Moderately severe hypertension 100-109
Strong hypertension more than 110

Kinds of high blood pressure

One distinguishes two kinds of high blood pressure, the primary ones and the secondary high blood pressure.

1-primary high blood pressures: Primary high blood pressure is called the high blood pressure whose cause is unknown. Approx. 90% of all blood high pressures belong to it and appear beyond the 30th year.

2-secondary high blood pressures: The secondary high blood pressure always appears as a result of another illness, z. he can appear with certain nephritic illnesses, with the diabetes (diabetes mellitus), by hormone household disturbances or with certain illnesses of the nervous system. Also certain drugs (the pill, Cortison) can raise the blood pressure.


The causes for the hypertension are varied, she is able of genetic origin, i.e. be left bequeath, also the origin of a hypertension is also favoured by food factors (too high salt consumption, alcohol and nicotine abuse), too much stress or hormonal factors, as for example the menopause or the taking of the pill.


Best of all one can prevent the high blood pressure in which one lives properly and healthy and avoids overweight (the BMI=body index measured should lie under 25) and cholesterol and should be eaten low-fat and low-salt. Coffee and nicotine should be avoided possibly. Stress coping and relaxation (e.g., learning of certain relaxation technologies) and the activity of sport, possibly swimming, riding a bike or walking, are to be recommended very much.

Results / complications

The hypertension can cause considerable health defects. The heart tries to adapt itself to the raised demands by growth, the heart grows (left heart hypertrophy). Because this enlargement of the heart leads to a not sufficient care of the heart with blood about the heart coronary arteries and can lead therefore also to heart weakness, the timely diagnostics is very important. By the constant overloading of the arteries, fat settles in the artery walls, what to the hardening (=Arteriosklerose: Veins have calcified and inelastically) leads. The blood circulation is disturbed by this hardening and the organs are not supplied any more enough with blood. This often leads to cardiac infarction or stroke. Also an Aneurysma (expansion of a blood vessel) can originate as a result of a wall change what can lead again to thrombosis or embolism (blockage of a blood vessel).


The therapy of the high blood pressure places, like almost any other illness also, the readiness of the patient to the cooperation ahead. The training of the patient is important as he can change his way of life appropriately:

1- With not medikamentöser therapy is to be reduced as the first coffee, nicotine and alcohol or to avoid completely.

2- The weight reduction is rich in carbohydrate, if inevitably, an as important point of view and the conversion to a sensible food (and low-fat) is absolutely necessary.

3-The salt consumption had to go on 5 - 6 g per day are reduced, because salt raises the blood pressure.

4-Stress coping and relaxation (learning of relaxation technologies like autogenous training supra ä.) are absolutely to be recommended.

5- If necessary the application of drugs to the blood pressure lowering is necessary.

Natur therapy

1- Acupuncture: here the certain points which are responsible for the rise of the blood pressure are treated.

2- Ausleitende procedures: bloody bleeding of the reflex zones, bloodletting.

3- Brook blossoms.

4- Own blood therapy: here certain means with the blood are merged and in the muscle hineingespritzt.

5- Food therapy: Consumption of animal egg white drastically limit, salt in particular fish, meat, fowl and eggs, moderately or not at all.

6- Orthemolekulare medicine: here certain means become like magnesium, Omega 3 fatty acids among other things enacted.

7- Homoeopathy: according to kind and findings of the raised blood pressure and the pulse certain homoeopathic means are prescribed.

8- Phyto therapy: herbal means have proved themselves in this area to the treatment.

9- Ordinal therapy: Patient should carry out himself blood pressure readings. Measurements are also dependent on the measuring, hence, unique "runaways" do not overrate. High blood pressure is more often a sign of false food or stress and points to beginning illness of the whole body. Medication helps in the long term less than conversion of life-style and way of thinking.

10- Physical therapy: Aim is a suggestion of the vascular mirror, hydrotherapy, therapeutic exercises, massages, electrotherapy, Balneotherapie among other things.

11- Oxygen therapy and ozone therapy: through this the blood pressure is regulated for months, late complications of the high blood pressure appear as later and rarer. The care of the whole organs with oxygen is guaranteed by this therapy.



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