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Definition of the dementia

1. Disorder of the memory

- - disturbed absorption and reproduction of new information - - in later phases Loss earlier of learnt and close contents

2. Disorder of the reasoning power

- - Ability to judge - - idea river - - data processing

3. Disorder of the emotional controls

- - Social behaviour - - motivation


One distinguishes the dementia in primary cerebrale and secondary dementia and the primary cerebrale dementia has her cause in illnesses of the brain or the cerebral membranes. The secondary dementias originate as accompanying illnesses of other illnesses, e.g., metabolism disorders, inebriations (poisonings), stroke or circulatory disturbance. Primary cerebrale dementia

is most by inflammatory or tumoröse changes of the brain (e.g., meningitis, tuberculosis, Toxoplasmose) to cerebral tumour or by morbus Parkinson (Parkinson disease) caused. But also effect of violence on the brain (blow or shock) and a next hematoma can be a cause of a dementia. Nevertheless, with more than 60% disease the most frequent cause shows the Alzheimer for a primary cerebrale dementia.

Secondary dementias

if disorders are based on toxic (toxic), metabolic (the metabolism concerning) or endocrine (the internal glands concerning). These disorders are, e.g., Schilddrüsenüber-or hypofunction, hypovitaminosis, liver illnesses or kidney infirmity. To separate from the dementias are the slightly cognitive disorders, approx. 16 - 34% of the older people put out. Nevertheless, in 70% him slightly cognitive disorders walk at the head of the dementia.
Differentiation DAT, DVT
Differentiation of the dementia of the Alzheimer type (DAT) and the dementia of the vasculären type (DVT) DAT proof DVT of a dementia presentation of a dementia creeping beginning sudden beginning, gradually progredienter course deterioration gradual deterioration neuro-logical focus signs and symptoms none vasculären or neuro logical conspicuities in the prephase Exclusion of other specific cause


The dementia is divided in

1. light ones

2. moderately severe ones

3. severe dementia.

Nevertheless, there is also a differentiation of 7 stages after rice mountain:

Stage I:

strictly speaking still no dementia, normal cognitive abilities, unobtrusively in the occupation. Only late with the occurrence of the illness conspicuities are reminded.

Stage II - III:

marked by forgetfulness, light slip, concentration infirmity, orientation insecurity, need of care and medicinal therapy develops.

Stage IV - V:

Manifestation of the dementia, disorders of orientation, memory and integration.

Stage VI:

disorientated, completely on help instructed, problems with day and night rhythm

Stage VII:

Final stage, linguistic competence on few words or scraps of conversation diminished, entire care inevitably.

Therapy - aims

The dementia of the Alzheimer type is not curable, it is possible only for one symptomatic treatment. The aims of the therapy are: - To put off deterioration of the state of the patients very long. - Complications prevent - accompanying complaints prevent - improve quality of life and promote social integration - receive dignity and still available self-esteem - rest achievements consciously promote

Medicinal therapy

Medicinal therapy is able with psychiatric drugs, are carried out especially with Neuroleptika, if appearing symptoms require this. There are at the moment in Germany 190 different drugs for dementia. The therapy should occur not only medicinally, but also enclose physiotherapeutisch, psychotherapeutically and social measures.

Natural procedure methods

The following methods have proved themselves with the treatment and prophylaxis (prevention) of the dementia. 1st oxygen therapy: on this occasion, the blood is fortified with oxygen and is given again in the vein. 2. To the increase of the blood circulation different phyto-therapeutic medicine (natural drug) has proved themselves like Gingko. 3. To the sedation and fear fight different drugs are indicated like Johanniskraut, valerian, Kava-Kava and other medicine. 4. To the fear fight as well as to the sedation the ear acupuncture is very recommendable. 5th homoeopathy: Homoeopathy can influence dementia very favourably. 6. For the improvement of the blood circulation in the brain have themselves Ausleitungsverfahren as for example Bleed as methods proved to be true. 7. Are not to be forgotten training for the brain (crossword puzzle etc.)


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