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Erection disorder (erectile Disfunktion (ED) impotence)


Erection disorder (erectile Disfunktion (ED) impotence)


The words "Impotence" and "impotent" are often used in a negative and pejorative sense.

Hence, we use mainly the medically correct concept "erektile Dysfunktion"

An erectile Dysfunktion can point very early to other dangerous, not yet recognised illnesses like, for example, diabetes, a coronary heart desease or arteriosclerosis. Therefore, a medical clearing up of the causes is very important.

Please, they do not push on the long bank!

Erection disorder (ED) and other illnesses:

ED: Erectile Dysfunktion, BHP: benign enlargement of the prostate, KHK: Coronary heart deseases = heart vessel illness


There are about 4.5 million men in Germany this there are 20% of all men of from 30 to 80 years – with an erection disorder. This may be a weak consolation. But that is also that you can find understanding interlocutors, because talking helps!

Many men with erection disorders do not feel more than "right" man, but as a failure. The self-esteem is thereby deeply shaken, negative effects on partnership, social contacts and working ability are the result.

Most women have substantially more problems with the fact that her partner cannot talk openly about his problems, as with the erection disorder himself.

An erection disorder is always also a problem in the respect. Therefore, fair contact is important with the erection disorder and, therefore, the first step to of a lysis!



How does an erection originate?

1-sensuous stimuli are taken up in the brain and are valued.

Nerve impulses about the autonomic nervous system are sent by the brain to the penis.

At the nerve ends Neurotransmitter which cause a relaxation of the smooth Schwellkörpermuskulatur about a complicated biochemical reaction chain are released.

By growing tired of the Schwellkörpermuskulatur the hollow cavities in the Schwellkörpern become bigger and in blood streams.

An enlargement of the penis causes

 5 The streaming blood. Because the Schwellkörper are surrounded by a firm skin, the veins are compressed by the ectasia of the Schwellkörper. With it the blood drain is throttled. ° The entire stiffening is reached by a contraction of the pelvic ground musculature. Besides, blood values which can be greater than 400 mm of Hg originate in the Schwellkörpern.



Causes of the erection disorder:

Organic causes

°Erhöhte blood lipids and cholesterin values (Hyperlipidämie)

°Arterienverkalkung (arteriosclerosis, atherosclerosis)

°Zuckerkrankheit (diabetes mellitus)

°Operationen in the small pelvis (cancer of the prostate, cancer of the intestine, vesical cancer, inguinal hernia)

°Neurologische illnesses (Multiple sclerosis, morbus Parkinson)

°Verletzung in the spine or the pelvis, paraplegia


°Schilddrüsenüberfunktion (Hyperthyreose) and thyroid insufficiency (thyroid insufficiency)

°Übergewicht, obesity (obesity)

°Leber – and renopathy °Schlafapnoe




Psychic causes


°Stress, fear around the job, harassment, financial problems

°Versagensängste, unrealistic expectations, genital lack of experience


°Traumatische genital experiences

°Ungeklärte genital orientation

To drugs as a cause

Some side effects, like, for example, emesis, dizziness, diarrhoeia, fever, pains, appear as very quick and intensive, thus the drug for the affected person is not suitable and must be set down.

Then it must be tried to come with other drugs to the aim of the treatment. Other side effects become apparent every now and then slowly and stealthily. This applies to drugs which must be taken very long time or even permanently.




Psychological consultation and psychotherapeutics

If no organic causes were found, psychic causes lie for it. But also with organic causes very quickly psychic problems arrive. In both cases a sexual consultation is recommended first. In the consultation exists the possibility to identify the causes of the problems and to work on.

Unconventional therapy


°Elektrostimulation the cross-striped pelvic ground musculature

°Pflanzliche drugs



Moreover, there are oral (by the mouth to be taken) drugs

These performed drugs are liable to prescription.

These drugs are the most pleasant therapy of the erectile Dysfunktion. They are based everybody on the same biochemical principle (PDE-5 inhibitor, PDE-5 inhibitors)

Other measures one can access by mechanical aid, how by vacuum-erection help.

Surgical interventions by the vessel operations, Schwelkörper-Implantant. Furthermore there is a hormonotherapy which are taken with a testosterone deficiency, testosterone, injected, as a plaster on the skin are stuck or are rubbed as a gel into the skin.

The earlier you speak with your doctor Darüber, the faster he can help you!



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