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Depletion syndrome

The Fatigue syndrome

(French ones: „Fatigue, depletion“) is a symptom which accompanies different chronic illnesses.

The concept chronic depletion syndrome (Chronic Fatigue syndromes, CFS) is to be separated from it which shows though a similar complaint complex, but when independent clinical picture of unclear cause is looked.


is a chronic disease which often leads to the impediment. It is characterised by a paralyzing spiritual and physical depletion as well as by other symptoms (cephalalgias, sore throat, arthralgias and myalgias, concentration and memory disorders, not restful sleep, sensibilities of the lymph nodes as well as a persistent deterioration of the state after strains.)

The exact causes of the CFS are not known till this day, possibly there is no single trigger, but different causes. As causes an impairment or chronic activation of the immune system are accepted.

e.g., a neuroimmunologische regularisation disorder (i.e. the teamwork between immune system, nervous system and hormone system gets from the balance). It thereby comes to a lasting activation of the immune system what leads to states of exhaustion, myalgia and joint pains, disorders of the temperature regulation.

Most affected persons experience a sudden breakdown of her present life. They suffer partly from serious physical interferences and also under the social, psychic and material results of her illness. They find no sympathy with her not visible impediment mostly. Disability often leads in the social isolation and to poverty, to the loss of the self-determination and independence.


The treatment needs a lot of time and patience. The vital materials must be complemented. It is to be detoxified inevitably the body with natural cures. The patient's talks are necessary as well as sportive activities are for the immune system of the advantage


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