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Gout is a metabolism disorder by which it comes for a projection of the uric acid reflector (Hyperurikämie). If too much uric acid is in the blood, these salts sour with micturition (Urate) can deposit in joints (and internal organs). Then this leads to attacks of the gout.


Gout (Primary gout) is one there would pale disease which appears more often with men than with women (relation about 20: 1). The cause of the projection of the uric acid reflector lies in a renalen excretion disorder (kidney excretion disorder), more seldom the reason is a constitutional increased education of uric acid the cause.

Attack of the gout

Attacks of the gout appear mostly at night (sometimes also early in the morning) and last up to the next morning or more seldom also some days.
In two thirds of the cases the hallux joint is concerned, it comes to Rötung, Druckschmerzhaftigkeit, the joint is hot and has swelled teigig, tremble and moderate fever (to 39 degrees) can also be symptoms of an attack of the gout.

Results / complications

With patients with raised uric acid reflector the following illnesses appear often accompanying:
10% - 20% of kidney stones
50% of hypertension (hypertension)
Dopathie (Rötung of the eyeball)
Diabetes mellitus (diabetes)
Obesity (adiposity) With chronic gout the attacks of the gout increase in frequency, however, the fierceness decreases. There originate so-called Tophi = chalkstone.

Puringehalt of different food


  Uric acid in mg per 100 g  Uric acid in mg per 100 kcal
Sweetbread 00 - 1200  900
Liver  00 - 300  190
Kidney 40 200
Beef, fat 10 55
Beef, thin  30 65
Pork, fat 18 39
Pork, thin  130 43
Veal, fat 25 78
Veal, thin  90 118
Carps  50 125
Anchovy 50 280
Sole 27 62
Spinach 70 350
Peas, green 145 181
Asparagus 30 150
Cauliflower 25 80
Milk products 0 0
Brown bread 40 15
White bread 5-25 5
Rice, noodles 0 0
Eggs (each) 1 1
Butter, oil 0 0
Wine 0 0
Beer 16 16
Coffee tea 0 0


1-doses of the drugs which lower the uric acid reflector.

2-dietetical measures like avoidance of fatty food, chips, Almost food, meat, asparagus, tomatoes, cucumber

3-renunciation of alcohol

4-avoidance of undercooling and physical strain as well as psychically strong strain

5-overweight by a diet to the normalisation of the body weight supports.

6-remedial starvations


8-own hemotherapies


10-Orthomolekulare medicine like folic acid, vitamin C


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