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To the person fall out on an average between 70 – 100 hairs per day.

This may be right (with a mean number of available hair), however, is valid only if the alopecia spreads relatively evenly over the whole head.

If the loss concentrates upon single hair areas (Alopencia areata) or only upon the upper head (androgen tablemaker alopecia), this is rather alarming.

Androgen tablemaker alopecia

if the cause is for often as “paled conditioned“ called alopecia.
(Alopecia androgenetica or androgen tables alopecia) is the steroid hormone Dihydrotestosteron (DHT). This caused alopecia is caused genetically.

If in the scalp a lot of DHT exists and passes a hypersensitivity for it, the growth phase of the hair is shortened. The hair follicles atrophy bit by bit what is due to the hypersensitivity on the DHT.

Under Alopecia areata (perfectly circular alopecia)

if one understands a round, locally restricted morbid alopecia. Alopecia areata is the most frequent inflammatory alopecia illness (approx. 1.4 million people in Germany) and can appear in every age and it prefers in second and third life decade appears.

Typically one or several perfectly circular bald places are given in the hairy head. Hence, one also speaks of perfectly circular alopecia. Up to now the exact causes of this disease still lie in the darkness. One supposes that the immune cells which should look, actually, after the resistance of viruses, bacteria and fungi direct her activity against the cells in the hair roots of own body.

The hairs are recognised therefore by the immune system as foreign and, therefore, are pushed off. This happens, while first an inflammation reaction originates which disturbs the hair growth and leads, finally, for falling out of the hair.

With many people these bald places also become overgrown without treatment again and are merely limited in time, hence. However, the alopecia can also progress further and lead to the loss all hair (Alopecia totalis) or also to the loss of all body hairs (Alopecia universalis).

The perfectly circular alopecia is an autoimmune disease. The endogenic resistance turns against Haarfolikel and lets the hairs fall out.

One speaks of the diffuse alopecia (diffuse alopecia) if the hairs drop from the whole head. This alopecia appears more with women than with men. Causes can be hormone variations, thyroid gland illness, iron deficiency, stress, infections or a Fettunterversorgung. There is not a uniform diagnosis method here, because many factors with hineinspielen.


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