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Unintentional childlessness is more frequent in Germany than is accepted in general. 15% of all pairs at the old person capable of fathering visit a doctor because they try for more than one year to become pregnant.
Fortunately, the worries are unnecessary with most advice-searching. They get after a longer waiting period also without bigger medical help a baby.

Nevertheless, for one third of the affected ones the production medicine remains the only chance. Last year 40,000 pairs have tried in Germany to become pregnant with the help of an artificial fecundation. Experts assume from the fact that these figures will further rise during the next years.

Doctors speak of unintentional childlessness or barrenness when with regular-natural unprotected sex traffic within 1-2 years no gestation enters.

This is to be searched the "guilt" for the unintentional childlessness always with the woman, is a wet nurse fairy tale. Rather the causes are distributed for a barrenness evenly to both partners. Fertility disorders are found with about 40% of the pairs with the man, with other 40% with the woman and with every fifth pair with both partners.

They are acquired in most cases, would pale disorders seem only seldom. To find an effective therapy, the causes of the childlessness must be determined very carefully. In addition detailed examinations are necessary with both partners.

Causes with the man

The most frequent cause for the impotence of the man are not enough healthy, well movable sperms. As an appoximate value for a normal semen quality are valid> 20 million sperms per semen humor. Of it at least 50% should be well movable. Is certain that an epidemic parotitis illness in the childhood, just as infections of the genitals, a testicle raised hide or a Varikozele (varicocele) to a decreased Spermatogenese (education and maturation of the sperms) can lead. When some years ago examination results reported that the figures with the fertility of correlating sperms have drastically decreased with German men, a febrile search for other causes began. Besides, Überwärmung was put out testikuläre (on testicles covered) as the most important fertility-diminishing factor. It can be already caused by long seats in narrow trousers, by everyday, hot proper baths or too long sauna ways. The supposition that also electromagnetic fields could cause an impairment of the spermatozoa is discussed. Much more seldom is a disorder of the sperm transport. She mostly originates if the deferent duct is blocked by operations, damages or infections, so that the sperms cannot reach in the ejaculated semen. In spite of the most modern medicine technology (e.g., the computer-assisted semen analysis) with which the suitable examinations are carried out one finds with 50% of the affected men no cause for the barrenness.

Causes with the woman

Ovarielle (ovaries) dysfunctions are mostly responsible for the female sterility. They originate on the base of a hormonal imbalance. Only in the regular teamwork of estrogen (Eireifung), Luteinisierungshormon (LH) (ovulation), follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) (Grow up of the follicle) and luteal hormone (nidation of the ovum) a gestation can enter. Of course a raised androgen effect (Hirsutismus=vermehrte hairs) is in way also of a gestation. A typical symptom of the too high androgen reflector is the follicle maturation disorder with development polycystic (many cysts) or polyfollikulären (several follicles) Ovars (Eierstöck). Before within the scope of a specified sterility diagnostics these processes are checked by a lab-chemical hormone value regulation precisely, the cycle anamnesis of the affected woman can already give explanation. On this occasion, should be asked for shortened or extended cycles as well as for lubrication bleeding and interbleeding. Also the basal temperature curve, measured for a period of three months, gives important instructions to a hormonal imbalance. As a reason for such ovariellen dysfunctions metabolism position (insulin resistance) is held responsible more and more often diabetogene (diabetes cause). Therefore, the question after an informal strain in view of diabetes may be absent with these patients just a little, how blood glucose regulation and weight controls. Finally, a Hyperprolaktinämie (overproduction must be also excluded from galactopoietic hormone), because raised reflectors of the pituitary hormone which ordinarily for the breast-feeding inevitably, a stimulation inhibition of the ovary and thereby a suppression of the ovulation can cause. To an increase of the galactopoietic hormone reflector, among the rest, it can come by stress, strong physical strain or strong weight variations. It can be excluded hormone disorders, sterility, so an adhesion or cicatrisation of the Fallopian tubes, must be thought to a tubare (Fallopian tube). She is responsible with about one third of the patients for the childlessness. The most important cause for this are infections in the upper genital tract. Worldwide the most frequent causes of such inflammations are Chlamydien. Because they cause only low, unspecific lower abdomen discomforts, an infection can (continue) long time persistieren and lead to a cicatrisation of the Tubenmukosa. In consequence the egg cannot be transported in the direction of womb. With suspicion on a tubare sterility a hysterosalpingography (representation of the womb and the Fallopian tube) (HSG) or a Hysterosalpingokontrastsonographie (ultrasound of the womb and the Fallopian tube) (HSKS) should be carried out with the patient. With the HSG the womb also presents itself in the X-ray image beside the Fallopian tubes. On this wise one myomas, cicatrisations or polyps which can lead to a nidation disorder, an other cause of the sterility can be also diagnosed. Nevertheless, the most frequent problems with the nidation originate from immunologische disorder "embryomaternalen (not gebornes living being and mother) of dialogue". Moreover, coagulation disorders and autoimmune diseases like the chronic holarthritis can endanger the nidation. If the suspicion passes, this the sterility on changes of the endometrium (e.g. Endometriosis) or the neck of the uterus is due, a hysteroscopy (womb reflexion) or a celioscopy should be carried out to the diagnosis explanation.

Therapeutic measures

Depending on which disorder was determined as a cause of the barrenness different therapy strategies are possible. A hormonal imbalance and disorders of the Eizellreifung are treated with a hormonotherapy. With decreased sperm quality or unclear cause an intrauterine artificial insemination can be tried. Indeed, the successful rates lie for both methods only at from five to ten percent per treatment experiment. With the In-vitro-Fertilisation (fecundation) (IvF) it comes against it with 20-25% per try to a gestation of the woman. On this occasion, several ripe ova are taken after hormonal stimulation of the Eizellreifung and are brought together in the glass dished plate with the semen of the man. Afterwards 2 become - 3 fertilised ova into the uterus (womb) transfer. The problem of this method is a high abortion rate. For the affected pairs this means a nearly intolerable roller coaster of the feelings. Hopes are woken up and destroyed again. Because many women allow to make 5 spot sometimes up to 10 IvF experiments, they get to the margin of her psychic loading capacity. Many pairs speak with nobody from the circle of friends or the family of her unintentional childlessness, because they feel inferior or as a failure and, therefore, want to achieve with all strength a gestation. If this tries then miss, they often need psychological support to take the disappointment. They also, however, need the help, in order judgment of the nature, the childlessness, to accept and to rebuild the mostly strongly loaded pair relation. In the naturheilkundlichen medicine there is a row of highly efficient medicine and treatment with which the school-medical fertility therapy can be supported or be substituted. Beside a harmonisation and normalisation of the hormone function by homoeopathic complex medicine or homoeopathic preparation with Pulsatilla and sepia womb illnesses can be also influenced by these drugs positively. A special effect with sterility is ascribed above all to the Mönchspeffer contained in Pascofemin (Agnus castus), because he owns a body luteum similar effect. Hence, as an active mechanism an increased payment of the luteinisierenden hormone with the following increase of the luteal hormone reflector is supposed. On grounds of the dopaminergen effects of the substance an inhibition of the Prolaktinsekretation is caused at the same time. Beside the medicinal therapy there is a row of general-medical treatment possibilities, in addition or to begin to a therapy should be applied. Above all relaxation exercises belong to it for body (e.g., muscle relaxation to Jacobsohn) and soul (e.g. Dream travelling in own body), then in this manner stress can circle, "achievement pressure" and the everlasting one around the child wish are diminished and a well-balanced Vegetativum are restored. A special fertility massage leads to clearly increased successful rates in the child wish treatment. The massage stimulates the metabolisms, detoxication organs and reproductive organs. Already since centuries mud-baths are applied as a drug with sterility. If there is present not only the warm use which leads to an improved blood circulation of the genitals and a stimulation of the metabolism from therapeutic meaning. The natural moor also has a strong influence on the hormone production, because it stimulates the activity of the ovaries. Acupuncture can normalise the hormones by his gentle therapy again, and be reached a mental relaxation. Detoxication of the body of different radical materials by vitamin drips can work positively on the whole processes of the bodily functions. But also replacement of different trace elements can be indispensable. The bowel sanitation and symbiosis bowel steering system play here an important role. With the oxygen therapy the blood circulation of the whole genitals can be improved.


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