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Overweight (Adipositas) treat of course

Overweight - the epidemic of the topical millennium?

It is hardly to be believed: In a society in which the beauty ideal lies almost in the anorexic area the population becomes thicker and thicker. No miracle that diet experiences belong to the general knowledge and calorie count the popular sport has become. Nevertheless, the success of such efforts is most only from short duration. Already after a short time the pounds lost first are there again and with you a few more additional kilos. This Jojo effect (hunger cures) leads in the long term to the fact that the thick become thicker and thicker.



A serious medical problem which concerns almost all industrial nations has long ago become from the „beauty flaw of overweight“. The experts hit alarm, the figures are frightening: The average weight of the population in the western countries rises all ten years by 5 kg.
Nearly every second German citizen already weighs too much, possibly every third one suffers from Adipositas - he is morbidly thick. Also in the other western countries a similar development appears. Thus are overweight in the USA more than half of all citizens, and in England the number of the Adipösen of 8% has increased in 1980 on over 20% today.

Weighty forms

For the judgement of the body weight long time became the Brocasche formula, normal weight =Körpergrösse (in cm) - 100, laid reason. About or untershout activities gene of this normal weight are valid as an overweight or unterweight. To reach the so-called ideal weight, 10% (for men) or 15% (for women) were drawn off from the normal weight once again. For a man of 1.75-m size there would be 67.5 kg, and a 1.70-m-woman might weigh 59.5 kg in the ideal case.
In Germany only about 10% of the population own according to estimates of experts an ideal weight. After this formula one speaks of an Adipositas if the normal weight is crossed about at least 20%.
However, during the last years the body measure index (BMI) has asserted itself worldwide to the regulation of overweight and Adipositas.



Body measure index (BMI)

Body measure index = body weight in kg / (body height in metre) 2
One understands by BMI the quotient from the body weight in kg by the square of the body height in m.
International classification of the Adipositas to the WHO:


<18.5 Unterweight 
18,5 - 24.9 Normal weight 
25 - 29.9 Overweight 
30 - 34.9 moderate Adipositas (Klasse1) 
35 - 39.9 Heavy Adipositas (class 2) 
> 40 Morbid Adipositas (class 3) 

Waist-Hep-Ratio (WHR)

Better the health risk linked with an Adipositas can be still determined, even if the fat distribution consider becomes. One knows that abdominelle Adipositas, the "pot belly" of the well stout men, walks along substantially more often with heart circulation illnesses than the typically female peripheral obesity with which the bacon on the hips and the upper thighs sits and loads, primarily, joints and backbone. With the calculation of the quotients from hip extent and waist extent (WHR = Waist-Hep-Ratio) which should not cross with men 1.0 and with women 0.85 the Adipositasformen can be determined.

Division of the Adipositasformen as a function of hip relation and waist relation

Adipositasformen                          Men                        Women

Abdominelle (android)                 > 1.0                  > 0.85 
Peripheral (gynoid)                     <1.0                   <0.85 

overweight children

The rising figures of overweight children are especially alarming. In the USA the portion of adipöser children in the time of 1973 - in 1984 from 15 to 24 % is risen. In the Federal Republic of Germany every 6th child is already too thick. Because one must calculate on the fact that the thick little ones of the thick adults today from tomorrow are, speak the experts of the next millennium as the millennium of the thick.

The role of the genes

Why does one not become thick and other?

The Adipositasforscher deal with this question as intensely as overweight.

While the slender Adipöse hold for undisciplined Vielesser which indulge uncontrollably in her appetite and risk, besides, your health, the affected persons hold mostly responsible the disposition for your weight: (My glands do not function properly) (I have heavy bones) or (with my mother this was just). The truth seems like so often to lie in the middle.

In big family studies could be shown during the last years which the body measure index of adopted children or apart grown up twins always agree with the biological parents. The genetic influence plays obviously an important role by the development of an Adipositas. But not everybody paled loaded must become thick compulsive. One can assume from the fact that the Polyphagie (carried too far appetite or gluttony) tip, in the end, the balance for an Adipositas

An already existing overweight can be still had a go only by calorie reduction and a lot of movement. The appeals, less seem to eat on fertile ground fallen to be, the requests on more movement, however, not.

This conclusion admits a Scottish study which could book, that the calorie consumption during the last 20 years from tägl. In 2900 was lowered upon 2200 kcal.

Because the energy consumption increased, however, in the same period even stronger, the average weight of the population further increased.

Heavy risks

Adipöse shorter live, the knowledge also the insurance societies who straighten her premiums partially to the body weight. A rule of thumb says that 15 kg of overweight cost 5 years. With melting pounds the views of a long life increase again: A weight decrease of 10 kg and more reduces the mortality risk about 30%.

How closely the Adipositas with other chronic illnesses is tied together, the following figures point:

80% all type II Diabetic are adipös, also 50% of all hypertonics (high blood pressure), show at the same time 50% all Adiposen raised blood pressure values. Patients with coronary heart desease already have with a body dimension index of 28 kg / m² a 70% higher mortality than those with a body measure index of 22 kg / m². This BMI co-operates with the lowest mortality.
Adipositas is not only a kardiovaskulärer (heart vessel system) risk factor, she also has other chronic illnesses in the towrope: gallstone sufferings, fat liver, arthrotische changes belong to it in the joints, furnace mouth, blockage, migraine, varicose vein problems, raised operation risk and different cancer kinds (large intestine, breast, prostate gland, gall bladder cancer). The psychosocial problems which an Adipositas with itself can bring are also not to be forgotten. They often begin with a decreased self-confidence and end in social isolation and depressions.

Long-term reduction

The aim of an actual Adipositastherapie is not the quick success, but the long-term preservation of the achieved weight reduction. However, here appears the real problem. Everybody knows adipöse that it is much lighter to keep to diets at short notice extremely than for years, maybe even lifelong, a reduced calorie mixing food increase to itself. This functions only if the therapist leads there the diet-willing to a right, carefully co-ordinated food, and this has recognised his wrong eating habits.Das stretched aim (e.g., weight reduction around 5 with the help of a preceding food anamnesis - 10%) must be accessible absolutely also really. Besides, it does not depend on quickness, 1 kilogramme per week is enough. As importantly, it is to carry out the food conversion gradually and to impose no direct bans. The latter leads only to uncontrolled outbreaks from the strict regime and the following frustration or even to the capitulation.

Beside the food therapy there is one more row of therapy procedures which help the overweight to let melt the pounds: primarily, therapeutic exercises, also, e.g., remedial fasting, autogenous training, acupuncture, intestinal renovation, entirety therapy, phyto therapy and the homoeopathy.

Food therapy

Only calorie count may be understood by no means by a food therapy. Instead, one should say: right food in the right amount. Besides, the fat consumption must as be limited as the sugar consumption. Sensible is a reduced calorie mixing food which is prepared possibly from fresh food to cover the vitamin need. The fact that the further prepared factory food is coinvolved in the food-conditioned civilisation illnesses, counts to the general knowledge of every food therapist. Above all the big seducers cake, chocolates, chocolate, jam as well as canned food and factory soups belong to it. The renunciation of such food is necessary, in any case.

Quite primitive people knew that there a respect between food and destiny is „The person is what he eats“.

The old rule means: „Breakfasts like king, eat midday like a nobleman, and in the evening like a beggar.

Remedial fastings

She as a cure carried out treatments is called according to your discoverer or developer, e.g., Buchinger-, groats or Meyerkur. It can be carried out in health resort medical centres or outpatiently.

So that the remedial fasting becomes not only a therapy with relapse mechanism, it should be carried out best of all in a group.
With the remedial fasting is valid: Kaffe, black tea, lemonade, any alcohol, nicotine and also all industrial sugar products must be avoided, because the remedial success is the bigger, the more slightly the poison portion is in the food. Pay attention to a lot of movement in fresh air, the sunlight is necessary for the change of the provitamin A to vitamin A and for the vitamin D metabolism.

Autogenous training

With the autogenous training good results can be achieved with the treatment of the overweight. In small patient's groups the autogenous training is developed in the form of a mental training. There can be to the patient impulses to think over his way of life, to change his setting and compared with his surroundings, to become calm and well-balanced.


The acupuncture as a therapy with overweight patients is the control treatment in our practise. She can help to damp the appetite, to diminish sweet hunger and to prevent withdrawal symptoms. The energy flow of a weak system is restored. In our practise the classical Chinese acupuncture (body), with ear acupuncture and cranial acupuncture becomes combined.

Phyto therapy

Some teas and herbal means are put together and the patients rezeptiert.


The homoeopathy supports the treatment of the overweight in special way.
To rein the hunger we can give different homoeopathic means. However, with it other organs, the heart circulation or the sign gland are also supported. Also the metabolism is improved. Here is still to be considered that the psychic mood situation is clearly improved by homoeopathy.
By her adjusting influence on the endocrine system homoeopathic means promote complicated also the decrease activities of the organism, when no significant disturbance of the ductless glandular system diagnostisiert become.

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