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Acupuncture comes originally from China and is carried out there for 5000-6000 years. Today after the cultural revolution under Mao Tse Tung she celebrates happy circumstances again and is used with a lot of illnesses. In the centre of this medicine system the image of a fluent vitality stands, also life energy (which life energy Qi) called, in Chinese Qi on whose effect all signs of life are based. If one is healthy, the life energy flows into harmony, the functions of the organs are strong and undisturbed. Illnesses are due according to Chinese image to a disturbance in the river of the life energy Qi, either a weakness or a fullness of the vitality is given. Also blockades in the life energy stream can cause pains or other health disturbances and illnesses.




About the effect mechanisms of the acupuncture became and is speculated a lot, nevertheless, this should not be contents of this implementation, only so much can be said that it comes quite obviously in the brain - to speak in the Computersprache - to so-called Umprogrammierungen, and the body shows another behaviour pattern after several treatments - as if one had another "software" einprogrammiert. Acupuncture works in such a way

The education of morphine-like substances (Endorphinen) belonging to body and nervous carrier substances (Neurotransmittern). These substances look analgesic and psychic relaxing.
Activation of mechanisms to the pain control. Charms at certain places restrain the pain delicacy in a cerebral area.

Reflex effect of the acupuncture. The organs assigned to these points are influenced by irritation of acupuncture points on the skin.
The emission of growth hormones promotes the regeneration in the fabric, e.g., of the joints.

Acupuncture forms

There are different forms of the acupuncture, the so-called body acupuncture with which in certain points in the body needles are pierced is most common. One can irritate these needles also electrically to reach certain therapy effects, one can treat them also with warmth (moxen), or the points irradiate merely with a laser beam. Besides there is the ear acupuncture which was developed in last decades primarily in France. Then there is the so-called oral acupuncture to Gleditsch. Here drugs are injected in certain points in the mouth. Is still worth mentioning the cranial acupuncture which is used particularly with paralyses and after strokes, but also works very well with strong pains.

Body locking action on acupuncture

Most unambiguously after a treatment is the muscle relaxation, a light tiredness, children mostly fall asleep after few minutes. In case of from painful illnesses pain relief to pain freedom enters according to applied technology and length of the existing discomfort already during the treatment. But also deteriorations appear. This is not necessarily due to the lacking qualification of the therapist, sonder is often a sign for the fact that now deeper situated illness causes contact. Therefore, is to be given to the special attention of the doctor and from the patient patience is necessary, so that this reaction can be properly interpreted and the treatment can be led successfully to an end. The last effect of the acupuncture appears in a change of the vegetative and hormonalen source situation by which many chronic clinical pictures can return to normal again.




In which illnesses can acupuncture help?

Acupuncture can be used with a huge number by illnesses - not only with pains. This are the most important, and in practice to the most frequent areas of application of the acupuncture:
1. Illnesses of the movement apparatus
Back pains (LWS-, BWS-and HWS-syndrome)
Joint pains in knees, hips, shoulder, elbow
Osteoarthritis of small joints (arthritis)
Tennis elbows



2. Migraine and headaches
3. Neuro-logical illnesses like
Paralyses, e.g., with Fazialisparese (facial nerve paralysis)
4. Allergies and asthma
5. Addiction illnesses (nicotine, alcohol, heroin, cocaine)
6. Stroke rehabilitation
7. Depression and fear disturbances
8. Weakness disturbances, states of exhaustion or Burn out
9. Chronic bronchitis or Sinusitis (inflammation in the area of the sinuses).
10. Stomach bowel illnesses and indigestion (e.g., irritant bowel)



11. Gynäkologische indications, how
Control disturbances and Dysmenorrhö (menstrual pains).
Disturbances in the menopause
Chronic inflammations
Fertility disturbances
Natal preparation with shortening of the natal duration,
Natal relief by pain relief during the birth
Pregnancy feeling of sickness and liquid storages during the pregnancy
12. Tinnitus ear whizz, ear rushing with illness of the inner ear, dizziness.
13. Skin illnesses like
14. Cancerous disease to the pain relief and activation of the weak physical strengths
Even with seriously ill the acupuncture is taken seriously meanwhile as an alternative method of treatment. Herewith thus even the negative concomitants of a chemotherapy as well as tumour therapy can be relieved. The application of the acupuncture with the pain treatment of suffering from cancer makes sense, because many patients reject not least a traditional treatment with painkiller (opiates) because of the side effects. These are to be excluded with the acupuncture. Also the supplement to the chemotherapy has proved itself the needle treatment. With the acupuncture one can control feeling of sickness and vomiting as a result of a chemotherapy efficiently. Another advantage compared with many school-medical cancer therapies is the comprehensive beginning of the acupuncture. Thus can be influenced by specific stimulation of the meridians, the energy leading roads of the body, also stress, frightened feelings, loss of appetite and sleeping disturbances positively and quality of life be improved.
Which side effects can appear with acupuncture
Applied by trained doctors the acupuncture brings no risks. Selective bleeding from superficial veins, bruises (Hämatome) or local infections is possible. but not seriously, in the area the chest internal organs can be injured like lung.


The treatment itself can be carried out by means of infertile needles (gold, silver, - steel needles or long-term needles), laser beam and with warming (Moxa therapy). Applied by trained doctors the acupuncture brings no risks. Selective bleeding from superficial veins, bruises (Hämatome) or local infections is possible, but is not serious. In a series of treatment the number of the single meetings can vary very strongly. This decisively depends on the complaint picture of the patient. A stabilisation-/revitalisation treatment after interval free of treatment can be necessary. A guarantee for the success of treatment cannot be given like with every medical therapy of course. An acupuncture treatment mostly lasts 20-30 minutes and costs according to expenditure between 25 and 46 euros. Since the 1/1/2007 the costs are taken over only for chronic LWS syndrome and for chronic knee pains from the legal health insurance schemes.


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