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Bowel sanitation


Immune training by the bowel

Symbiosis steering system as an additional therapy with cancer, childhood illness (Neurodermitis), inflammatory bowel ailments, with rheumatism, allergies, constant infections, depletion, flatulences, stomachaches, blockade and other diseases. Many natural welfare doctors apply in her practise a procedure which is called with concepts like "symbiosis steering system", "bowel sanitation", or more exactly than "microbiological therapy". In the cancer medicine this treatment is valid as an additional therapy. With it it should be reached: "a discharge, regeneration and strengthening of the defences," a stimulation of the metabolism and detoxication function "the removal of therapy-conditioned damages, above all in the bowel" the normalisation of the digestion

The meaning of the intestinal flora

The concepts "Symbiosis steering system" or "microbiological therapy" closely hang together with the digestion processes in the bowel. The whole bowel is settled with more germs (bacteria, embryos) when the body has cells. These are to about 400 different kinds. They nest in the internal mucous membranes of the bowel and form there a resistance front against foreign embryos and pathogens. If this barrier is destroyed, pathogenic, being off sick embryos can spread. The causes or her toxic excretions can penetrate by the intestinal wall into the organism. These germs are called "intestinal flora". They live with on that what we take as a food to ourselves. Their consideration: They unlock many food components, they thereby make digestible and the contents out of vision for the human body usably. Some vitamins and other vital nutrients are made available only by the microbes for the organism. Without embryos in the bowel we would suffer from menacing deficiency nutrition. One calls this living together to mutual use a symbiosis. Of every profited of the other. "Symbiosis steering system" or "microbiological therapy" aims to receive the natural balance of the intestinal flora or to restore it. This is extremely important not only for the digestion and the metabolism, but also for the resistance system.

The bowel as an immune organ

For an optimally functioning immune system the bowel plays an important role. One also speaks of a "bowel-related immune system". The bowel is the biggest immune system of the body. 80% of all resistance cells act in the bowel area. Here most lymph nodes and this also do not lie without reason: the bowel is the biggest contact surface of the body with the environment. Here most pollutants can pass into the organism. The skin offers 2 square metres of contact surface to the environment, the lung with her many ramifications has a surface of about 80 square metres, nevertheless, with the bowel are - one would be able to smooth him - to about 300 square metres, the surface of a row house garden. It is clear that here the measures of the defences is concentrated. Once they should prevent that with the food taken up pollutants or pathogens reach in the body. In addition, important impulses go out from the immune cells in the bowel area for the immune system. About 70% of his achievement are due to constant contact with the microbes of the intestinal flora and the food taken up cause. About the bowel a constant and necessary immune training takes place thus. The resistance cells in the bowel are often the first ones which get into contact with foreign, possibly dangerous substances from the environment. They develop resistance strategies and announce to the leading cells and tax cells of the immune system. In certain lymph node of the bowel our resistance system is stood firm constantly on the newest one, is stimulated and activated.



Disorder of the intestinal flora

There is hardly an adult whose intestinal flora always has her natural, biological compound. Indeed, the bowel disposes of a big ability in the selfregularization. He can compensate short-term strains and disorders fast again. If the noxious influence continues, nevertheless, long or they are very massive, it comes for changes of the intestinal flora. Pathogenic embryos can spread out and edge out the useful germs. This can affect the health considerably. Belong to such noxious factors: In the long term: False nutrition, particularly the consumption of too much protein, fat and sugar, with mostly concurrent deficiency of roughage in the food. At short notice: Treatment with antibiotics, chemotherapeutics, cortisone or irradiations. Above all the "useful" bowel embryos are damaged by wrong nutrition or aggressive therapeutics. The less useful or even the pointless embryos can reproduce disproportionately. The intestinal flora moves. From the symbiosis becomes a Dysbiose: The basic system verschlackt. This is the so-called "tissue humor" between the cells. Here it is filtered what may reach in the cells, here the metabolism slags from the cell are derived. If this does not function, are hindered the supply by vital stones in the cell as well as the evacuation of the cell garbage. An inclination originates to diarrheas or blockade. It comes to dyspepsias, to dyspepsias. Inflammations of the bowel are promoted. The organism is not supplied any more enough with nutrients. In the bowel cancerigenic, cancer-supporting materials develop noxious, often. Fungi settle (Darmmykosen). The results of a disturbed intestinal flora do not remain limited on the digestion area. The foreign embryos eliminate toxic metabolism products (poisons) which reach in the body and favour, among the rest, rheumatic tables illnesses. Seriously the interference of the immune system also weighs. It must muster all pools to repulse the causes and her poisons in the bowel. Other "resistance fronts" can be weakened. In the verschlackten basic tissue the resistance cells are hindered, infections occur more and more often. Or it can come to false impulses to the immune system, the person becomes susceptible for allergies. The genesis and propagation of cancer is also favoured by this excessive demand of the immune system. Flatulences and belching (Meteorismus and flatulence), enterospasms or colics as well as greasy, stinking chair belong to the signs for a disturbed intestinal flora.

Diagnosis and therapy

An exact diagnosis is difficult. If fresh chair assays on her embryo salary and his compound become most examined. However, are informative also the anamnesis, the interpretation of the complaints as well as the feel of the therapeutist. The treatment exists in measures gradated on each other and is directed after the gravity of the clinical picture.

1-Transposition of the nutrition to a food rich in roughage. She should be very free of sugar as well as contain animal proteins and fats only limited.

2-Specific removal of pathogenic embryos in the bowel, possibly by anti-fungus medicine.

3-Dose of lactose, vitamins or similar food supplements to stimulate the digestion and metabolism organs.

4- Supply of useful bowel embryos, the real one "probioserves" therapy. The preparations contain the useful embryos in form capable of increase. To the Umstimmung of the immune system embryos can be also given in killed form. Mostly the medicine is taken in the form of drop.

5- In stubborn cases inoculations with an autogenous vaccine are made. The vaccine is produced of the bowel embryos of the patient.

The treatment has no appreciable side effects. Nevertheless, she requires patience, because cannot be fixed in few weeks what was disturbed for years. Mostly there lasts the medication 3 - 6 months. It can be begun only after end of a therapy with antibiotics or Zytostatika. Vegetable fibers and food sour with milk like yoghurt, sour milk, Kefir, sauerkraut or fermented grain promote and receive a healthy intestinal flora. In the cancer medicine this treatment should support the efficacy of an immune therapy. Otherwise the microbiological therapy is applied above all with childhood illness (Neurodermitis), inflammatory bowel ailments, with rheumatism, allergies or constant infections.


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