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Own blood therapy



To bring the principle of the own blood therapy, blood belonging to body as a foreign body charm in the organism, to stimulate with it the selfhealing forces and defences, is not new. In old China one has added to the patients by numerous small needle stings or by a butt knife's massage bruises and with it has treated chronic illnesses, feverish infections and skin eczemas. The approach has changed luckily, however, the indications with which the best success of the own blood therapy is observed: Infection susceptibility, allergies, skin illnesses, hay fever, exhaustion syndrome, sleeping disturbances, impotence disturbance and other illnesses, have remained till this day. The Egyptians and the Chinese have already used before millenniums own blood for therapeutic purposes and in Europe there were only at the end of the 19th century single attempts with this remedial method. Really popularly the autohaemotherapy became in Germany then by Berlin surgeon August Bier (1861-1949). In search of the therapy methods which strengthen defences and the natural remedial processes in the body of the patient, he was interested particularly in the irritant therapies which activate the defensive system with the help of fever and inflammation. The discovery that a fracture heals faster if a bruise has formed in the crack brought him on the idea with patients with delayed break healing to squirt own blood between the fracture ends. The inflammation reaction released thereby, really led to a quick healing of the osseous break. 


August Bier concluded from these observations that the egg white connections which are released with the blood decay show a foreign body charm for the organism which the body with a light inflammation and temperature rise answers as a defensive action. During the following years confirmed a row of scientific investigations that lead intramuskuläre own blood sputter to a change of the reaction situation of the organism, the retikulo-endotheliale system (RES) and the immune cells (Monozyten and killer cells) are above all concerned. Special attention found in 1930 the publication in which he called the unspecific stimulation therapy push in the vegetative system, because the body answers every charm which works on the regularisation systems with a vegetative whole change-over. Till this day there is no entire scientific explanation of the effectiveness of own blood therapies. One supposes that the injected blood is recognised as a renewed infection by the organism and is answered with a stimulation of the body defence. In this manner an existing chronic illness process is led back in an acute state which can be cured. A confirmation for this active principle is the often observed first increase, a phenomenon which is also known from the homoeopathy and reflects the reaction of the organism to the charm. 

When the own blood therapy is used  

:1. Sleeping disturbances 2nd loss of appetite and diminished general state of health 3. chronic pains 4th allergies 5. klimakterische (menopause) discomfort 6th skin illnesses 7th infection susceptibilities 8th impotence disturbances and other illnesses 
Effects of the own blood therapy: 

1. Temperature camber after an optimum in highly molecular Peptonen.

2nd acceleration of the coagulation and blood sedimentation of the Erythrozyten.

3rd irritation of the vegetative system.

4th counterinflammatory effect.

5th effect on smooth musculature in the beginning growing tired, later restoratively.

6th charm erythroblastischen and myeloischen system.

7th increase of antibodies as an omnizellulärer process.

8th increase of the Globuline.

9. Reinforced glandular activity.

10th strengthening of the protein content of the red blood cells.

11th enlargement from the injection place from at first achieved capillary system. 12th increase of the proteolytischen ferments (enzymes).

Side effects and contraindications of the own blood therapy  

With own blood therapy it can also come suddenly to toothaches and headaches. On this occasion, it concerns not possibly side effects of the therapy, but around this flicker from cookers which were not known up to now. Because such cooker reactions have to be considered as positive makes sense to the patients only when the therapist clears up him about the danger of untreated foci of inflammation. A strong charm shows the own blood therapy for the vegetative nervous system. So it is not new if symptoms of the vegetative nervous system appear like palpitation and dizziness. Nevertheless, they show no risk for the patient. Indeed, kachektische (emaciated) patients with own blood may not be treated, because in this case the circulatory load would be too big. As an other contraindication (own blood therapy not permissibly) are valid thrombosis and Thrombophlebitis (vein system inflammation), because cannot be excluded that the own blood injection influences the coagulation system for the purposes of an inclination to thrombosis. But also the patients with tuberculosis may not be treated with this therapy. 


With every own blood therapy blood is taken from the patients first from a vein and then is injected afterwards this blood amount into the muscle, under the skin or into the skin. However, it can be also processed in homoeopathic steps and be taken as a drop. If the taken blood is squirted without change directly back in the muscle, one speaks of nativer own blood therapy. In addition, were compiled during the last 50 years of different procedures to the effect increase, as well as were added with the activated own blood therapy to the taken blood either a drug, or the blood by short UV radiotherapy is activated. If at the same time with the UV radiotherapy also an Oxygenisierung is carried out, one speaks of the hämatogenen oxidation therapy (HOT).

For the children who have fear of sputter are recommended increased (homoeopathic preparation) autohaemotherapy with which the blood are given as homoeopathic drops. Decisively for the success of treatment are the dose and the intervals of treatment. Too high dose can lead according to the Arndt protection rule to a contrary reaction: afterwards to fold weak charms the life operations in, medium strong ones they restrain and strong ones lift them. As a criterion for the dosage is valid beside the constitutional constitution of the patient, the kind of the illness (urgently or chronically) and his reaction to the therapy. So that the first reaction does not become too strong, one should begin with small blood amount. The amount from 5ml blood may be crossed in no case! We carry out for many years this therapy in our practise with different illnesses. Up to now all therapies are successful and have run without risk. 


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