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Fasting cure

Mildly lead cure

1. Daily in the morning soberly ¼ l of tepid water with 1 painted teaspoon of Glauber's salt or bitter salt drink.

2. Half an hour later have breakfast. Chew every bite 30 - 50 times, until the food is liquefied. By the spoonful in addition drink. Feel yourselves ¾-hour time for the meal and eat only as long as, to you saturated.

3. After 4 ½ hours of lunch. Well chew! Possibly after the lunch a humid-warm body compress (humid, well warm cotton cloth on the right epigastrium, about that dry towelling cloth and woollen scarf). Body compress otherwise in the evening for going to bed.

4. Dinner not after 18.00 o'clock. early go to bed.

5. 2 litres of mineral water or herb tea about the day drink distributed, drink also with hunger feeling or torpor (perhaps Diacard drop if the blood pressure drops, especially with pleasure after more additional rushing and stress - untersugar, cold sweat, nausea, perhaps cephalalgias to circulatory failure).


Coffee, nicotine, alcohol, sugar (jam, sweets, cakes), fruit juices, canned food, wholemeal products, cabbage, legumes (beans, peas, lenses, chickpeas, soy beans, peanuts), pork, roasted, hard cheese.

Only eat what is good from own experience and is slightly agreeable.

About the whole day always warm water gulp-wise distributes all ½ hours drink. Drink what you do best of all in a thermos jug and what you have boiled before 10 minutes.

Please, ask also for the eating plan for mild lead cure. As a beginning catharsis a little more drastic measure is recommended, as well as is treated during the cure with bowel drugs. If you have decided to carry out this cure you speak please with me of it.

Food proposals for a mild lead cure


1 old-baked bun or wheat and rye bread or crispbread with some butter, Ouark or cream cheese or egg or cortex or fowl sausage


Raw milk or sour milk, if possibly from own cultures, tea or malt coffee or soy milk (a little, because legume)


Vegetable soup or stewed vegetables, carrots, celery, parsley root, fennel, cauliflower, spinach, cucumber, pumpkin with potatoes, Kartoffelpürree or millet, pearl barley, rice, maize semolina, buckwheat. Mildly spice perhaps some sour cream, butter supra cold-pressed oil after the cooking add.

2x per week veal supra chicken supra beef supra cooking fish.


How breakfast, then tea with lemon juice supra orange juice. Teas to be recommended: Nettle, balm, Schafgarbe, mallows, lime-tree blossoms, fennel crush, aniseed crush, coriander crushes



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