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Body and soul

Body and soul in balance - yin and yang

Yin and yang are in the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) of essential meaning and play a crucial role in the diagnostics and therapy.

One knows that yang (light sunny side of the mountain) is valid as an activity principle and the yin (the shadow side of the mountain) as a rest principle. Besides, the months, see also our sign, symbolises both directions of comprehensive being on what a person located in the balance always carries the same amount of yin like yang in himself and puts in every yin portion also a little piece of yang portion, appreciatively in the white point in the black yin portion and vice versa.

The person lives in the tone field both Poles yin and yang. How in the symbol of the monad is evident, besides, he has of both parts always immediately a lot in himself.

There is yin and yang at the most different levels of the body regularisation, and the most important ones of the cellulose changes which are a psyche and the Vegetativum.

If a one-sided stress of yin or yang is given at one of these levels, a one-sided stress must be given at another level in the other direction, because only thus the individual balance can be protected. Nevertheless, this state corresponds to a loaded balance, the cause for genesis of sensitivities disorders which flow untreated one day into chronic diseases.

Therefore treatment strategies must be directed among other things with chronic diseases after the individual position of Pat., but not after the generally valid official guidelines which cannot be reached this in individual, causal regularisation connections at all.

Yin and yang symptoms



 Völlegefühl, flatulences,

often sitomania on sweet and sharp

Cutaneous dropsy inclination

can badly decrease

slightly overweight

often looks younger

constantly tiredly and seriously

internal freezing

no rest by a lot of sleep

Myalgia and rheumatic pains


often feels muzzy

hardly sweats

compulsive and depressively



low blood pressure and pulse


often brash

if salty and mild foods loves

Inclination to dry skin

hardly increases


often looks older

constantly worriedly and slightly internal heat

bad sleeping through

Nape spannings


it is forgetful

sweats a lot

cheerfully and aggressively


sensitively to stress

high blood pressure and pulse

Nevertheless, here is to be mentioned that an unequivocal yang patient has more qualities from the yang side, however, on the contrary also the symptoms which stood unambiguously on the Ying page. This fact requires it now, with the system broads comprehensive diagnostics of a patient the single levels in which the different yin and yang symptoms originate, made a distinction precisely to, although they are active in vivo of course everybody closely with each other tied up at the same time side by side. A level cannot exist without other level. Everybody needs themselves mutually and if in a level an eruption occurs in the yang direction, it comes at another level to the eruption to the yin direction because the Dekompensation and with it the entry of a serious illness would threaten. The organism at all levels ordinarily oscillates in the middle between yin and yang.

The people own different levels of the life position and regularisation. The most important ones are:
The metabolism which reacts always same-apt, like the immune activity on the other hand, the mental balance and the Vegetativum.

Cellulose change:

The cell can keep alive itself by anabolic (metabolism-building up) and katabolen (metabolism-diminishing) metabolism. In addition the cell with the katabolischen metabolism needs carbohydrates and fats. And on the other side are necessary to the anabolic metabolism protein and water.
It is clear that for a healthy state the activity katabolen as well as the anabolic cellulose change must stick together in the same relation. With unusual situations the body by hormones or by a specific different nutrition can change the activity of one or other side.

Nutrition and blood groups:

For people with the blood group 0 and for with the blood group B it is obviously better to take more protein in the form of meat than carbohydrates to itself. On the other side it is to be taken for the people with the blood group A and from better more carbohydrates than proteins to itself. The people have got with the blood group 0 (= hunter) and in lower extent with the blood group B (=Nomaden) a katabole metabolism coinage (=Yang) with on the life.

In contrast to blood group A (= farmers) and in clearly lower extent with the blood group FROM, have an anabolic cellulose change coinage (= yin). For the nutrition this entails that must live Pat. with the blood group 0 and B predominantly and permanently high-protein and poor in carbohydrate to reach a well-balanced metabolism position, during vice versa the patients with the blood group A and from clearly more carbohydrates than protein in the nutrition need.

If one compares this knowledge to the nutrition recommendations from the TCM and the Ayurveda, one can identify astonishing parallels.

The weight of a person alone is still no Indizens for whether his metabolism is marked anabolic (yin) or katabol (yang), but the symptom überkalorischen and in kind of the food compound does not show konstiutionsgerechten nutrition. An A blood group patient cannot increase by a vegetarian nutrition, in principle, at all, probably, however, by hyperkalorische too protein-heavy nutrition. A Blutgruppe-0-Pat. increases by überkalorische and nutrition rich in carbohydrate and gets with it often in a prediabetic metabolism position which is called in the western medicine nowadays metabolic syndrome. On this occasion, appears an overproduction of insulin which provides for the fact that the installation of the carbohydrates as a fat in the liver and fat metabolism with katabolen cellulose change otherwise continuing to exist in the body. Then here would be the therapy hyporkalorische and clearly carbohydrate-diminished nutrition.

With katabolischem cellulose change with a Übersäuerung the dose of Antioxidantien and base salts which are given makes sense. With predominantly anabolic cellulose change a Verschlackung produces against it in the tissue with decrease of the electron mobility and education of a gel state.

Whether now a patient at the level of the metabolism is in the yin or yang, can be identified by the knowledge of the blood group affiliation and by an exact nutrition anamnesis already quite certainly. How strongly, nevertheless, somebody has surplus in the anabolic or katabolen cellulose change, cannot be identified by the use of a device.

The immune system

People with the blood group 0 and B have a hereditary manner clearly raised immunologische resistance activity, while with the blood group A and from a rather lower immunologische activity have. If one brings, however, by a constitution-directed nutrition Pat. in his middle position, the activity of the immune system returns to normal at the middle.

A raised infection susceptibility means in most cases not a too low immunologische competence, but a too quiet activity of the immune cascade that is called that with only lower exposition with suitable viruses or bacteria already an immunologische defence reaction starts which experiences of Pat. then as an infection. It would be absolutely contraproductive to want to treat by immune stimulants (the medicine which activate the immune system) the infection susceptibility. Here, primarily, measures must be took which calm the immune system and make less reagible (vitamin C, B, E, zinc, own blood and own vaccine in low dosage). Daily richly motion and sport. At a too low activity of the immune system it often seems that viruses, bacteria and other germs exist in the body, without of Pat. the symptoms of an infection work through. Here immune-stimulative measures make sense, e.g., Echinacin, selenium, ozone, HOT, Nosoden, mistletoe, own blood and own vaccine in higher dosages. To mark the dose of the vaccines can still play a crucial role with the compatibility question. If Pat. has rather an overreacting immune system, he has with the same dose of much likely side effects after an inoculation as Pat. which has a weak immune system. Hence, I think, one should adapt the amount of the immune material in the blood group affiliation and the actual metabolism position and with it also in the actual activity position of the immune system.

The psyche

Rudolf Virchow wrote:

I have dissected many bodies, besides, however, have never found a soul.

To describe the psyche, is exceptionally difficult and one already knows by amount and extent of the literature existing about that that words are sufficient as a rule hardly for an unequivocal satisfactory description. A system was developed after which with colours the state of a mental position is brought perfectly to the representation. Prof. Lüscher a test developed which is known today under the name Lüscher-colour test in the whole world. Besides, selects to Pat. from different colour charts in each case the spectral filters which he likes best of all, second-best. The colour charts are so laid out that they describe on the one hand the topical and, on the other hand, also the long-term prevailing psychic position. If it becomes in several questioned boards over and over again colour resembles preferentially or rejected, a so-called column-like preference or refusal of a colour and with it of quite a special state of mind arises from it.

Besides, four primary colours have the following meaning:

Colour 1 Blue: Rest, security, satisfaction, corresponds element to water

Colour 2 Green: Firmness, consequence, reserve, corresponds to element earth

Colour 3 Red: Joy, aggressiveness, activity, corresponds element to fire

Colour 4 Yellow: Carelessness, freedom from obligation, cheerfulness, corresponds to element air

Because the colours blue and green were assigned to the yin and the colours red and yellow to the yang, a psychic yin state of Pat. or from the preference from Red and yellow arises from the preference from blue and green with concurrent refusal from red and yellow with concurrent refusal from blue and green a psychic yang state.
Because of course all combinations are possible, also mixed situations seem, like, e.g., relatively often the preference of green (yin) by concurrent refusal of blue (yang).

Example 1:

If The colour yellow (air) is preferred by Pat. on the one hand column-like and is rejected in the same manner the colour Blue (water), results from it the symptom of the worried and forever discontented (refusal blue) who wants it always differently than it is now without knowing how it should be exact (preference yellow).

Example 2:

Becomes from Pat. Blue (water) column-like preferentially and Yellow in the same manner rejected, so there results from it the symptom of the nervous, unsafe (refusal yellow). Who flees in the rest, activity avoids, often looks clipping, not seldom luxury in the excess consumes (preference blue).

Example 3:

If the colour is preferred by Pat. column-like green, and in the same manner the colour blue is rejected, there results from it the symptom of the worried, and, however, forever discontented (refusal blue), which to the outside is closed, is remaining principled and often strictly with his opinion (preference green).

All these examples indicate a loaded situation and, hence, need always of a therapy. If one can recognise no column-like preference or refusal of certain colours, this speaks for a well-balanced unloaded situation at the mental level.

If the patient is alone only on both yin colours blue and green or in combination stamped (cancer, virgin, Capricorn and fish), another mind is too own to him originally, than to the patient who is marked on both yang colours red and yellow (scales, shooter, Aries, twin). In between are settled four star signs which are marked on a yin colour as well as on a yang colour (bull, Aquarius, lion, scorpion).

The Vegetativum

An independent reaction level is the vegetative nervous system. Because it owns no constitutional coinage and can react fast, the quality is to be reacted to skew position in other levels compensatory. However, besides it has an influence on all regulative processes in the body. Logically there is during the day a certain Sympatikotonus (yang) to be able to produce generally the daily performance, while at night the condition for a healthy sleep is outbalancing the Parasympatikus (yin).

The symptoms of a raised Sympathikus activity are: quick sweating, hardly fatigue, rather cold hands and feet, raised pulse and blood pressure, as well as in the evening badly in the sleep find. Also night waking with heart lawn and sweating belong to it.

Belong to the Parasympathikotonie symptoms: Fatigue phases, rest, lack of exercise, seldom sweating, usually warm to slightly humid hands and feet, rather low blood pressure and pulse, as well as in the evening quick falling asleep in the bed.


A slender, normally weighty patient reports that he has relatively often infections and he would have to take antibiotics over and over again, moreover, he is often hungry on the day and eats mostly bread, cakes and pastries and sweet, then, nevertheless, always only tiny amounts. The blood grouping proves the blood group 0. With the Lüscher-colour test a column-like refusal of the colour arises blue (element water), with concurrent kolonnenartiger preference of the colour yellow (element air). On this occasion, it concerns a relatively frequent findings constellation which can be called unambiguously with yang. Because he is marked astrological on the sign of the zodiac cancer (twice water), he is, how further on top explained, in an overcompensated position because he rejects exactly the element on which he is marked originally.

Of the other one reports to Pat. the fact that he feels several times on the day, in particular after the meals, a strong fatigue which makes him partially withdraw for a short time and sleep for from five to fifteen minutes. However, then he is fresh again and can work quickly and fast. In the evening he is frightfully tired and would go to bed very early and fall asleep fast, in the morning he can get up relatively early and then is quickly efficient.

The whole state shows a Parasympathikotonie position.

The comprehensive diagnosis pattern:

In the comprehensive diagnosis pattern metabolism, the immune system, the psyche and the Vegetativum is considered.

Therapeutic options:

If with Pat. a comprehensive diagnosis pattern has been provided, must become lays as at the single levels can be intervened sensibly. At first once the suitable right nutrition adjustment must be carried out on the Soffwechselebene. E.g., with a katabolischen derailment of the cellulose change the nutrition must change to Pat. in favour of from water and protein under considerable reduction of carbohydrate. However, at the same time must be entered at the mental level. E.g., must be discussed, which is why of Pat. Rest, satisfaction and security unconsciously declines. This can be explicable from his past or from his topical life situation. Why also always which must try Pat. to admit rest, satisfaction and security again and to live actively. Only then it is possible to give up the compensatory overestimation of another element. Because this are in the knowing unconsciously steered mechanism, this is probably the most difficult part of the therapeutic intervention, however, can be supported with the help of brook blossoms, Homöopathika, vegetable and chemical drugs well.
Because the Vegetativum reacts only secondarily to the skew position of other both levels, a balance will appear here automatically, as soon as a balance at the first both levels succeeds at the middle.

Dynamism of the regularisation

The determining regularisation levels of all first order are the levels of the metabolism and the psyche, while the Vegetativum ordinarily reacts only to the skew position of the previous levels. Only a stress situation which is brought from the outside over the individual can lead to a primary clear increase of the Sympathikus tone. If it concerns, besides, a short-term matter, the body can recover after a short time again. If it concerns, nevertheless, permanent stress, these far-reaching consequences will also have for the other levels. In this the elimination of the permanent stress phenomenon is absolutely necessary from the outside. If this is not possible, the measures which prevent the effect of the stress on the organism (recreational sport, magnesium, sedative) must be took.

What speaks for the correctness of this comprehensive diagnosis system, is the fact that with constitution-directed nutrition and unloaded psychic situation without permanent stress and with everyday motion a healthy life is possible without drugs. If these conditions are not given, a loaded balance system which causes sooner or later chronic complaints of all kind automatically originates.



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