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In Germany about 54 million people suffer at least at times from cephalalgias. Three percent of them complain even on more than 15 days in the month about these complaints. Besides, importantly for an adequate therapy is the respective pain type.

Cephalalgia types

Therefore, in the following the different cephalalgia types are briefly summarised.

The "easy" cephalalgia

The easy, symptomatic or secondary cephalalgias are harmless as a rule and are treated by the patients themselves. They appear in certain situations, so that a direct cause is to be found: Übermüdung, stress, too much in nicotine or alcohol, not enough fresh air, infections of the upper airways among other things pains are individually very different from localisation and character here. If the cause is repaired, the cephalalgia also loses itself as a rule.

Women's cephalalgias

This cephalalgia is intensely investigated at the moment. Since today the pain research assumes from the fact that there are sex-specific differences in the pain feeling: Women react more sensitively to pains, these perceive earlier and try to influence them already in a former stage than men. Responsibly for the special female pain feeling is the teamwork of different factors: most considerably the female hormone household seems to be. Ailment women repeats under such complaints, therefore, should be checked the hormone household.

Tone cephalalgia

Tone cephalalgias are primary cephalalgias which seem episodically or chronically. They appear as bilateral, are of medium difficulty and own a vague-oppressive character.
Muscular spannings play with the genesis presumably a crucial role. Women are concerned more often than men. Beside painkillers non-medicinal measures are like muscle relaxation to Jacobson or a walk in the fresh air.


Migraine also counts to the primary cephalalgias; however, she becomes apparent attack-like as more moderate to strong cephalalgia and appears predominantly as one-sided. The attack begins often at night and continues from 4 to 72 hours.
Often accompanying symptoms appear like nausea, emesis, impaired vision as well as noise sensibility and photosensitivity. The fit with a so-called "aura" announces itself by some course forms. Women are concerned about three times more often than men. Certain situations (weather change, some food, stress among other things), but also the female hormone cycle are able to do a migraine attack "triggern".

Cluster cephalalgia

Men are concerned predominantly by the relatively rare cluster cephalalgia. These pains appear as attack-like and strict as one-sided - on the always same side - and have a piercing character. About the genesis processes only hypotheses exist as with the migraine. One supposes vessel-conditioned or neuro genes mechanisms.

Painkiller-induced cephalalgia

Many patients - the above all female ones which recite in practice because of long-term cephalalgias suffer from painkiller-induced cephalalgias. Frequent, uncontrolled intake of available without prescription painkillers is mostly the cause. These pains are vague-oppressive, already begin with waking and stop the whole day. By too high intake of painkillers and the by-products originating from it it can come to recent cephalalgias.
Therefore, a successful therapy can exist only of a logical denial.

Therapeutic options in the natural medicine

1. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is the medicine of the choice and must be considered whether cause / trigger is due to the nape, vessel or hormone system. Also with Wetterfühligkeit there are very good / effective acupuncture points.

2. Respiration therapy

3. Ausleitende procedures

On this occasion, muscle spannings are treated by bloody bleeding.

4. Autogenous training

Cephalalgias can be treated by this method very well.

5. Brook blossoms

Here good success with Vine and glaucoma of Bethlehem.

6. Own hemotherapy

Here certain drugs and blood are mixed and injected in the muscle.

7. Nutrition therapy

Transposition to whole foods, alcohol and other luxuries should be reduced. It should be also seen to whether after certain food cephalalgias appear.

8. Remedial starvation

On this occasion, care is offered, during the first three days cephalalgias can appear as reinforced.

9. Homoeopathy

Here certain homoeopathic medicine is prescribed after human type and nutrition.

10. Manual therapy

Here certain interventions are applied with blockings of the cervical vertebra column, by lysis of these blockades it comes to relaxation in the cervical vertebra column area.

11. Neuraltherapie

On this occasion, certain nerve points or areas are injected and thereby pains are repaired.

12. Ordinal therapy

This means sturgeon fields, as for example air sinus problems to consider psyche with spannings and mental strain, teeth and cicatrixes of the scalp, however, also informal problems partnership, insufficient separation of the parents, but also the release of the migraine by coffee consumption.

13. Orthomolekulare medicine

As for example magnesium: it can bring a relaxation effect with a beginning attack.

14. Physical therapy

How hydropathy in the form of foot downpours, hot-humid nape envelopes. Therapeutic exercises: Massages can lead to the improvement, however, also here pains can be strengthened.

15. Balneotherapie

And cures are often unfavorable on average - and Hochgebirge (hairdrier).

16. Phyto therapy

Certain vegetable medicine is used to the fight of the cephalalgias.

17. Progressive relaxation to Jacobson

She can be helpful to the decrease of the strain and restlessness.

18. Oxygen therapy / ozone therapy

These are used successfully with women's cycle cephalalgias and with change year migraine, however, it can be also produced with so-called cluster cephalalgias a very good improvement.

19. Symbiosis steering system

A new recovery of the bowel bacteria can lead to the decrease of the migraine. Also the frequency and the starch of the migraine can be influenced positively.




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